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The Clock Keeps Ticking, and So Do WE!
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Goals for New Timers:

When you reach a certain age, you might be called 'Old Timer'.  Well, we are living longer and healthier lives and it's time we are called by a better name.  How about New Timer.

A New Timer is someone who has reached 'retirement age', whatever that means, and has decided NOT to just stop living but maybe just change careers, go on adventures, or just Pay It Forward.  Heck, there is NO reason why you can't do it ALL!

We are now living longer and many are maintaining their vitality with better nutrition and lifestyle.  This gives US more energy that we often had decades previously.  So what do you do?  You can't just site and watch soap operas and rock on the front porch.  That is for really OLD people and we are NOT OLD!

With lifespans steadily increasing and many easily living to 100+, maintaining their independence and vitality, we are really just 'middle age'!

If you live a proper Lifestyle, and we suggest a full on Plant Based Approach, you can make it to 100+ and beyond.  So what are you going to do?

That is what this site is all about.  Just set up and in the formative stages, we plan to discuss options, suggest paths and ways to, not only stay active/busy, but to continue to Learn and Develop for decades to come.

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More about a NewTimer Lifestyle

The amazing thing about being a NewTimer is the ability to allocate time to what you Want to do and not what you Have to do. I've done a bit of this most of my career, owning my own business, but being a NewTimer is really different.

While it's not really easy picking and choosing amongst the amazing variety of things I want to do, the idea that I can Choose is the best part of it. Like starting a new venture we call NewTimers for the soon-to-be retired and those recently 'retired'.

Focusing on our Health & Wellness practices ties so nicely into this new venture. After all, one of the main goals of retirement is Not to Die!  We strive to help you focus on the Vibrant Health & Wellness you need to truly enjoy those years after your first career comes to an end.

Whether you choose to just smell the roses or get bored and start a new career adventure is entirely up to you. Health is Wealth and it is better than any bank account, pension or Social Security check. Without your Health, nothing else really matters much!

We want to work with other NewTimers to help focus on how to live healthier; no matter how bad things may appear, it is Never too late to adjust/change your Lifestyle!

Learning to eat healthier and Delicious meals is one of the key factors! Our Whole Foods 4 Healthy Living enterprise offers help in that area. Chef Nancy will help you learn how to prepare Delicious and nutritious meals in a short time that will help lengthen your life and make it more vital/vibrant at the same time. It will even help save money on your grocery bills!

Who are the NewTimers Founders
Skip & Nancy Stein founded NewTimers to help guide and inspire others approaching or in retirement to learn how to LIVE a Healthier, more Vital, Longer LIFE!  Most people just don't understand the issues and challenges that retirement often present.

As Survivors of multiple later age ailments, like cancer and heart disease, Skip & Nancy have surmounted the obstacles and offer themselves as examples of just what a Healthy Lifestyle can do for YOU!

Nancy is Certified in Plant Based Nutrition and is a Plant-Based Chef.  Skip runs the business side from along with various web sites (see left sidebar) they offer lifestyle consulting services, cooking classes, Travel Planning Support and more.

They own and Manage their Flagship Company: Whole Foods 4 Healthy Living out of Orlando Florida, USA.  As avid travelers, they also offer travel planning services; you may meet them anywhere across the USA, often in hiking gear, on a mountain side or in a vegan cafe!  Be sure to say Howdy!

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