Illness Isn't Normal
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Illness is Not Normal

Taking Prescription Medications is NOT Normal

Why do so many people think that getting sick is just a normal occurrence and so common as to not even be noticed anymore? Disease is NOT normal. You are designed to be Healthy and Vibrant. Prescription medications, so advertised on TV every 5 minutes, are a recent invention that coincides with the deterioration of American Nutrition.

It's not a coincidence that many of the 'common' prescription drugs today are designed to treat Lifestyle Diseases whose emergence seem to correlate with the introduction of overly Processed Foods, Fast Food Chains and TV Dinners (processed/packaged food). The introduction of massive factory farming and noxious chemicals, like glyphosate, permeate our environment and food supply and is consumed by children and adults alike every day.

There are real diseases that impact humanity but the majority of prescription drugs are used to treat totally PREVENTABLE and naturally reversible Lifestyle Diseases. From hypertension to diabetes 2, heart disease, arterial disease, cancer, and more, these are lifestyle diseases that, for the most part, are preventable and often reversible with proper attention to nutrition and lifestyle.

Too many people go for the 'quick fix', pop a pill to treat lifestyle diseases and ignore the dramatic and often Deadly side effects. Does anyone really pay attention to the TV commercials for all the different drugs today? Pay attention the next commercial and listen for a keyword : 'DEATH'. Yes death is a not too uncommon side effect along with, should you survive them, debilitating ancillary side effects that eventually kill you. So what do doctors do? Take you off the, potentially lethal drugs, or prescribe a new additional drug to offset the horrendous side effects of the previous drug.

There you have the foundation for a multi-billion dollar business. These drugs are often prescribed for the rest of your life, thus locking in a clientele that will never stop using. How is this different than the street corner illicit drug pusher? They also sell drugs that get you 'hooked', often for life (which often is foreshortened dramatically by their use).

Illness, disease or other ailment is an indication of a compromised or failed natural immune system. You are Not designed to get sick; just the opposite, you are designed to be Well, Healthy, Vibrant and Energetic! You get sick because your natural immune system has lost the battle against a virus, bacterial or other infectious disease. This is NOT normal.

A healthy person with a strong immune system fights off countless illnesses, disease and foreign bacteria every minute of every day. From rogue cancer cells to infectious bacteria, just living exposes you to a plethora of potentially lethal disease agents. ALL of which are fought off by your immune system as a common, little noticed practice!

There ARE alternatives that often, and are proven, to be just as effective as many of the prescribed artificial drugs today. They are in the Food, Spices and Condiments that are commonly available in your local stores everywhere or on the Internet. These foods help Boost your natural immune system and help combat illness and disease.

Don't you think eating a delicious meal of Whole Natural Food is preferable (and much cheaper) than taking those pill(s) constantly? Pills that have the potential of not lengthening your life but shortening it with debilitating side effects? Would it be better to NOT get sick in the first place?

Since most diseases are lifestyle related, often from poor/inadequate nutrition, don't you think prevention is preferable to treatment? Prevention by changing your diet to Whole Foods that are delicious, nutritious and actually Cheaper than what you may not commonly consume? When you factor in the cost of drugs, lost time from work due to illness and just plant feeling miserable due to preventable illness, wouldn’t it be preferable to just NOT GET SICK in the first place?

It truly is so easy and that may very well be the Biggest Problem. No one today, really thinks simple is the right answer. They tend to go for the complex, not the simple. There is an old principle called KISS (Keep It Simple Stupid) that is something to consider. Since you were designed to be Healthy, not sick, the simplest solution may be the best solution?

When there are no side effects, besides better health, isn't it just common sense to at least give it a try? There is little downside except for a change in Lifestyle that can be gradually introduced to ease you into a more vibrant, energetic and Healthy Life!
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