What Next
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What Next?

Now, you may say, I'm going to take it easy and enjoy my life; but you can only play so much golf, sit on the front porch so long and play only so many hands of bridge!  I've never done ANY of those things; too damned BUSY!

I know plenty of those who have retired and pretty much stopped living.  They do the same thing, the same boring routine every single day. See the same people, talk about the same stuff and well, it's really, really

B O R I N G!

What Next!

Some of you may have been executives, entrepreneurs or just clerical, construction or other workers.  You all worked for your paycheck or commission bonus; whatever it was.  Now it's a stipend supplemented by social security or other funding.  It may be sufficient, it may be excessive but in many/most cases it just isn't quite enough!  Do we ever have enough money to do what we want?

Before, in your previous life (yes this is a NEW life) you seldom had TIME to DO all the things you wanted to DO. Not enough time for vacation, not enough time to learn that new exercise, instrument or study Mayan History. Whatever it was, NOW you have the TIME.

Time On Your Hands!

Now you have the TIME to do what you want, well more or less. We never end our obligations to friends and family. But still, without having to do that commute to the office or job site, you DO have time now.

If you start to sit around and watch TV or other sedentary things you will make them a habit. DON'T DO THAT! Once you start it is ever harder to change so just don't!

You need to stay active. Not as active and stressed as you once were; that could kill you. No stay Alive and active. Meet new people, make them your friends. You no longer have that office relationship with people so fill that gap with new friends, associates and new acquaintances!

In order to do that, you have to get off your butt and