Old Vegan
Healthy Living ~ Plant Based Lifestyle

74+ Year Old
Plant Based and Loving It!

The fact that I live a strict Plant Based (vegan) Lifestyle is not that unusual. Neither is the fact that I’m 73+ years young. Nope, the interesting thing is how Different I am from most other 70 year old’s in the USA.

The fact that I have (or had) prostate cancer is not that unusual. It is a disease that impacts many men of similar age. The fact that I was told I would be Dead by now, also is not that unusual; although I’m pleased as punch that I AM still alive. No, the biggest difference is that I have had NO medical treatment, no drugs, no surgeries, no diabolical ‘therapies’. That is what makes me sort of unusual.

Many people in my age group are prescribed numerous drugs. Drugs for Hypertension, Diabetes 2, Arterial Plaques, High Cholesterol, Arthritis and on and on. These ‘age related’ ailments are accepted as the ‘Norm’ of aging and it is Oh SO SO WRONG!

It is NOT natural to be taking a host of drugs at any age and certainly not as a common practice just because you are aging. No, the drugs are prescribed to treat symptoms of disease, not to Cure much of anything. The side effects are minimized by doctors and fast talking TV commercial. Many prescriptions are written to counter-act the effects of other drugs; and it goes on and on...

Yes, I once had high blood pressure, was borderline diabetic, was overweight, lethargic and lacking in mental energy and focus. My cholesterol was too high and I ate fast/processed food crap often. Then I was diagnosed with Cancer; THAT my friends is the wake up call you Never went to receive! But I did.

I had to make a series of choices. Would I die miserably, like my father, from treatments for prostate cancer or would I just accept the inevitable fact that I was going to die. Should I just live out the rest of my shortened life as best I could and then surrender? Was there an alternative? I did NOT want to die, hell, I was only 62 and almost eligible for Social Security.

I have a wonderful wife and daughter (who has seven children) who I love and enjoy tremendously. As a doting Grandfather, I have lectures to give to the grandkids and fun to be had watching them grow up. I wanted to be a Great, Great Grandfather one day but cancer seemed to have a different opinion.

So, what did I DO? I did Nothing! That isn’t entirely true, only from the view of the medical industrial complex did I do Nothing. I Changed; changed drastically. I changed my Lifestyle, how I lived, how I ate and how I viewed life! That was not easy, but it beat the hell out of death and dying!

I decided, with the help/support of my wonderful wife, to totally revise our lifestyle, diet and how we lived every day. Not only the food changed but our view of life and the wondrous nature of Living changed. The further we progressed the better life became.  Nancy even became a well known Plant Based Chef and just wrote her first book: "Restoring America's Health" that not only tells our story, but provides step by step directions how you too can gain/regain your health and vitality at ANY age!

Not only did our blood work (cholesterol, glucose, triglycerides, etc.) improve; astounding our doctor, but everything improved! We lost weight, our attitude improved, our energy levels began to go off the scale. We are now 70+ but feel better than we did at 35 or 40. We have more energy, vitality and love of life than ever before.

Oh, the cancer? Hell, I don’t know or care. Last I check there was nothing to be found. I look forward to every day with renewed vigor and vitality. We travel, have started several new business ventures and are more active than ever before.

That is why I am so evangelical about this lifestyle! Our focus is to help others achieve a drug free lifestyle full of energy and vigor. It is NEVER too late to start and the effects are felt quickly; more rapidly than almost any drug or therapy can achieve.

The best part is that you get to enjoy Delicious Plant Based Cuisine that will help your energy levels soar so high that you just have to get out and MOVE. If you are on drugs/medications, you may find they are no longer needed, which is why you must inform your doctor.

Living a Plant Based (yes vegan) dietary lifestyle at any age is fantastic; doing it at 72 is even better. We save tons of money on food, no prescription drug bills and few doctor visits; only for occasional blood work as we never get sick! We love to see the look on our doctor’s face when he sees the results!

Give it a try. You have nothing to loose and So much to gain!