Back to Your Future
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Back to Your Future

Many in and approaching 'retirement' don't look to the FUTURE but to the past.  Past friends, past work, past life experiences.  The Past is the PAST, you need to look to the FUTURE!

Business and other opportunities abound today.  Yes, I know the job market sucks but not if you are just a bit creative and use your Experience and Leverage we talked about to kick start a new exciting career!

You Know how business works.  You have seen people look busy but produce little.  You know what basic profit and loss truly is. You know how to work to sell a product or services for more than they cost you and BAM; Profit!  You have learned to Work SMART not Hard.

Well we both know it's not that easy, it takes WORK and lots of it.  Now, you may say, I'm going to take it easy and enjoy my life; but you can only play so much golf, sit on the front porch so long and play only so many hands of bridge!  I've never done ANY of those things; too damned BUSY!

Let's Consider a New Business!

When we talk about a 'New Business' we are NOT talking about getting another 9 to 5 job; unless that is what you truly enjoy.  Those 'jobs' just don't leave enough time for Fun in the Sun!  We are talking about compromise.  You've heard about that nebulous "Work - Life Balance" that no one ever seems to accomplish?  Well we hope to help you actually achieve this in your New Timer years!

You may have had a hobby or activity that you loved but never had time to practice.  Many of those 'hobbies' can be turned into a profitable enterprise; working part time as you see fit.  But what if it could be a business now?  Consider turning that 'hobby' into a profit making enterprise; whether it is woodworking, knitting, or anything else.

To do that you need a business structure and this is where that experience you have helps!  Consider a formal business structure. We can help you with that decision at our Free Agent Services site.  Visit and see how you can set up your business!

What Business do I Start?

If you don't have a hobby that might turn into a business, there are dozens of great opportunities to help you earn that extra income.  Now you have TIME to talk to people.  Get on the Internet, make new friends around the World.  Talk to people at the pool/beach, visit while playing canasta.  So many opportunities to interact with others and, not only, do some business but help Them do what you are doing.  Making a bit of extra money to supplement their income for travel and fun!

There are dozens of MLM's or multi-level marketing companies out there.  Some are great, others not so much.  First, find a product that you will USE and Love.  You can't see what you don't understand or like.  We like to focus on things that everyone over 55 can and should be using.  

Earth Friendly, environmentally safe and toxin free.  After all, we have spend decades accumulating toxins so now is the time to eliminate them from our lives and our bodies so we can LIVE well into our Senior Years; staying vital, healthy and active to 100+!