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Back to Your Future

Many in and approaching 'retirement' don't look to the FUTURE but to the past.  Past friends, past work, past life experiences. The Past is the PAST, you need to look to the FUTURE!

Business and other opportunities abound today.  Yes, I know the job market sucks but not if you are just a bit creative and use your Experience and Leverage we talked about to kick start a new exciting career!

You Know how business works.  You have seen people look busy but produce little.  You know what basic profit and loss truly is. You know how to work to sell a product or services for more than they cost you and BAM; Profit!  You have learned to Work SMART not Hard.

Well we both know it's not that easy, it takes WORK and lots of it.  Now, you may say, I'm going to take it easy and enjoy my life; but you can only play so much golf, sit on the front porch so long and play only so many hands of bridge!  I've never done ANY of those things; too damned BUSY!

Let's Consider a New Business!

When we talk about a 'New Business' we are NOT talking about getting another 9 to 5 job; unless that is what you truly enjoy.  Those 'jobs' just don't leave enough time for Fun in the Sun!  We are talking about compromise.  You've heard about that nebulous "Work - Life Balance" that no one ever seems to accomplish?  Well we hope to help you actually achieve this in your New Timer years!

You may have had a hobby or activity that you loved but never had time to practice.  Many of those 'hobbies' can be turned into a profitable enterprise; working part time as you see fit.  But what if it could be a business now?  Consider turning that 'hobby' into a profit making enterprise; whether it is woodworking, knitting, or anything else.

To do that you need a business structure and this is where that experience you have helps!  Consider a formal business structure. We can help you with that decision at our Free Agent Services site.  Visit and see how you can set up your business!

What Business do I Start?

If you don't have a hobby that might turn into a business, there are dozens of great opportunities to help you earn that extra income.  Now you have TIME to talk to people.  Get on the Internet, make new friends around the World.  Talk to people at the pool/beach, visit while playing canasta.  So many opportunities to interact with others and, not only, do some business but help Them do what you are doing.  Making a bit of extra money to supplement their income for travel and fun!

There are dozens of MLM's or multi-level marketing companies out there.  Some are great, others not so much.  First, find a product that you will USE and Love.  You can't see what you don't understand or like.  We like to focus on things that everyone over 55 can and should be using.  

Earth Friendly, environmentally safe and toxin free.  After all, we have spend decades accumulating toxins so now is the time to eliminate them from our lives and our bodies so we can LIVE well into our Senior Years; staying vital, healthy and active to 100+!

Leverage Your Life Experiences

If you are 'retired' or approaching that retirement age, you need to begin to assess your goals and objectives.  Staying in our current occupation/career may not be possible.  Let's face it, no one hires anyone over 60 and most companies are looking for ways to get rid of the Experienced and therefore higher paid staff/workers.

Whether you are an Executive or Union Member, working in high tech or driving a truck, we ALL are getting older.  The goal is to leverage what you Know Now and build upon it.

I really don't like the word 'retirement' so lets just forget about that!  Lets talk about career and life enhancement.

Life Enhancement

We have worked all our lives, or most of us have.  We all have some 40+ years of experience in one form or another.  Some have higher education credentials, others work/life experience that is often as or more valuable.  Heck, just surviving past 55 is an accomplishment these days.  Too many over 55 are Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead, I hope you are not amongst that number.  BUT, if you are, we can deal and help with that too!

As we approach or enter our later years, for the sake of argument over 62, as that is what most folks consider 'Seniors' and retirement age, we have to figure out what the heck to do NOW.  For those in reasonable health, we can begin to discuss options.  If you have health issues, jump over to our Pathway to Health.

What we want to do is Enhance our Lives, not sit and watch the world go by.  Yes, NOW may be the absolute best time of your life, so lets get started!

Financial Issues

If you are in pretty good financial shape, have some retirement savings, a pension or other source of retirement income, you are amongst the very few luck ones.  You planned well and managed to dodge the brutal economy that most of US have had to deal with.  

For the rest of US, we may have to supplement our income or create income opportunities in our later years after leaving that carr eer job you probably have had for decades!  For some of the higher earning folks, Social Security can be a nice piece of change, for a lot of others, not so much.  Anything is better than nothing!

We will try to po vide some ideas and direction for those needing to continue to earn an income or those who really need to supplement their meager social security payments.

New Career - New Job

For many, you will need to seek a new job and/or a new career.  We are NOT talking about a Walmart Greeter (although that may be of interest to you).  We are really thinking of a real income source.  Most of us have had 'jobs' working for someone else.  As we gaines experience and expertise in our field, we have seen the horrors of mismanagement, career suicides and other disasters.  Some have have impacted you!

What we DO know, is that you have certain expertise from your past work experiences.  We need to help you Leverage That into a new career path that will help you survive and Thrive in your later years.

Most of you KNOW so much More that you think you Know!  It's true with just about everyone.  You've managed to survive this long so you have learned to cope/manage/adjust to stress and daily life, just like the rest of us have.  Some better than others!

We want to help you recognize those skills you have obtained with life and work experience.  It truly is amazing the things you actually know/understand that you may not realize!  We want to help you LEVERAGE that knowledge and ability to prepare and help you achieve your Enhanced Life objectives.  So start Thinking in those terms and examine your life.  

Socrates: "The unexamined life is not worth living"

Keep in mind, most of our discussions here expect YOU to live to 100+.
You have a Lot of Living to DO!

Back to School

Did you know that many Colleges, Universities and Community colleges offer 'Free' classes to Seniors (well now NewTimers)?  While enrollment is usualy on a 'space available basis' there are hundreds of classes you can 'audit' for no credit; just to expand your knowledge.  There are even many Senior Scholarships available.

NewTimers in the Classroom

There is money out there for seniors who wish to earn a degree or just want to continue learning about new things. NewTimers may never developed a real interest in learning until they reach leave their first career behind. Finding NewTimers in classes is not longer that unusual.

Many Professors enjoy having older, seasoned, experienced people in classes that may provide 'real life' temperament to the classroom instruction/curriculum .  The perspective of experience often raises important considerations in the class, often not considered by the younger students and professors alike.  Heck, the professor may well be 30 years younger than the NewTimer in the class.

Students will often enjoy having someone with real life experience to provide perspective and insight to the information being presented.  Many times a NewTimer will have OJT (on the job training) and never received formal education in a specific area.

Providing educational opportunities for those over 60 is so important that many states may offer free tuition to resident seniors.  You will have to check with your state to find the rules/regulations governing the tuition rules for NewTimers.

For many, actually studying and receiving course credit towards a degree or advanced degree may be desirable; instead of simple learning experience.  Adding to your existing degree credentials may be both personally rewarding as well as providing a basis for your new career.

Maybe receiving a teaching certificate is important to you to become an associate professor or other school instructor.  While not for the faint of heart, this is an avenue that you might want to consider.

Expanding the Mind with New Learning

Most have heard the term, "Use it or loose it!" This applies to your mind/brain as well as the rest of your body.  While physical exercise is important, so is mental exercise to keep the synapses firing, the memory sharp and the ability to create new pathways and knowledge.

Learning new things, with formal education or just reading and learning new skills is critical for an active agile mind.  Learning woodworking, auto/engine repair, who knows; learning is learning.  The more you learn the easier it is to continue to learn new things.

So think about taking that course on Ancient Mayan architecture or the Geology of the San Andreas Fault (important to residents of California) or whatever you choose.